So, this is where I'm supposed to throw some statements that best describe me, so you can get an idea of who I am. This is also where I have the hardest time!  
​   I kiddingly say I have no life and it would be boring to try and describe it to anyone. Then I think, how terrible of me to describe it that way! No, I don't get out of the house a lot and hang with girlfriends (which are pretty non existent anyway), and no, I haven't been all over the country with great stories to tell everyone about at parties (not that I'd actually go to a party anyway!) BUT I have a full life to put it mildly. I have eight kids. I have six grandkids (that's subject to change though!) I am raising a special needs baby with multiple needs and multiple diagnosis who is also managing to prove everyone wrong. I see doctors  and therapists way more than I see friends or even family. It's chaotic, never ending busyness, tiring, funny, crazy, loud, obnoxious and I wouldn't trade it for the world! The two main pics on this page pretty much sums up my life. The main pic (the big one above) is of my kids. From left to right is Austin, Brittany, Audra (my only biological child), Sarina, Kierstyn, our newest son Carter on Kierstyn's lap, Brianna and Sean. The pic below is a pic of my grandkids. The one on the far left is Audra's son Teegan, who has also overcome great odds after being born with multiple problems last year, and then there are Jennifer and Kenna in her lap, Brittany's girls, then Clayton, (Audra's other son), Jason, Brittany's middle son, and then Cheyenne, Sean's daughter. Quite a brood huh!